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Line Up on Summerfield

     Harvester's Food Distribution will be this Saturday at 11 am at the Christian Church parking lot. Those needing food should be lined up east on Summerfield before 11. Volunteers will be bagging the groceries and helping to place in trunks or back of trucks until the items are gone.

Memorial Day Weekend

     The City will be placing flags on the graves of veterans for the weekend celebration of Memorial Day. A path of American flags will greet those who stop by the Mineral Creek Cemetery.

     Those placing flowers on the graves of family and friends are asked to consider a contribution. A box is provided for depositing the money. It will help the city pay to have the grounds mowed and trimmed.

     Other improvements are planned including the placement of a wrought iron fence across the highway side of the cemetery.

"Riding Away With Memories

812 E. Young, Warrensburg, MO
John and Helen Meyer - 660-422-7177

Totally New Display

     At the Leeton Museum a collection of children's and dolls clothes are on display for the first time. Some of the outfits are rather interesting and date back to the 1800's. Check it out while touring the school display that will remain on display for one more month.

     A new farm display is now on display in the boxcar. Lots of things happening at the museum.

     Plans include raising $50,000 to double the size of the museum which would allow to display many more items rather than have them boxed and stored away for four or five years. Make check to Leeton Museum and address to Leeton Museum, 400 N. Main, Leeton, MO 64761


     In doing some research on information for the Park Board I ran across the newspaper write up on the first Jr. & Sr. Banquet in 1923. Thought you might enjoy seeing what things were like in 1920's.

     A Junior-Senior Reception was given Friday night, May 11, at the High School Auditorium. The program was given as announced and everything went off like clock work.

     The menu consisted of fruit cocktail, chicken, mashed potatoes, creamed peas, gravy, dressing, hot Parker House rolls and butter, beet pickles, jelly, pineapple salad, salted almonds, cheese balls, ice cream, angel food cake, coffee and mints.

     Between the first and second courses the first part of the program was given as follows: Welcome by Salome Mohler; Response by Russell Bryant; Clarinet solo by Leon Mercer.

     Between the second and third courses the second part of the program was presented including: Reading by Ruth Kenney; Vocal Solo by Doris Stacy; Senior Class prophecy by Lloyd Mercer; Piano duet by Lola Hall and Lura Townsley.

     After the third course the final part of the program was presented:

     Introduction of Toastmaster by Kenneth Cull; Toastmaster (M.C.) was George Kenney; First Speaker was L. W. Snider; Second Speaker was Veona Rankin; Third Speaker was P. A. Carleton.

     Toasts were given by Flossie Baker, Earl Stone, George Roop, Sophronia Herd and Dean Douglass.

Meeting June 12

     The Leeton High School all school reunion is rapidly approaching and plans are still in the planning stage. The date is Sunday, June 12, beginning at 11 am.

     All graduates of Leeton High School are invited to come share in the festivities. Honored classes this year includes the 70th Anniversary class from 1946. There are several from that class planning to attend. The 60th year class is 1956; 50th year class 1966; 40th year class 1976; 25th year class 1991; 10th year class 2006; and this year's graduating class.

     Former teachers, administrators and employees are invited to join the former Leeton students for a carry in dinner. A program will follow in the afternoon.

     The theme this year is: Leeton: Where Future Leaders Learn.

     LHS Graduates should mark their calendar for Sunday, June 12.

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     Congratulations to Corey and Mckenzie (Lowry) Deatherage on their wedding held at their home last Saturday afternoon. Family and friends were in attendance. Corey was baptized in their pond earlier in the month and both are members of the Leeton Christian Church.

     Mckenzie is the daughter of Tim and Heidi Lowry of Warrensburg. Mckenzie is art teacher at Leeton R-X Schools. Corey is the son of Tony and Tammy Deatherage.


     At the Leeton Museum this month over 60 have stopped by for a tour. Many are graduates of the local school looking for memories of their days living in Leeton. They have all thanked the museum for providing a trip back in time.

     Efforts continue to organize and clean the entire building. The Petal Pushers Garden Club continue to work on the flower beds. The entry way to the museum looks nice with the urns and new flowers and weeded beds.

     Alex Glaze continues to donate time mowing the yard for free. This is very much appreciated.

     The lower level of the museum shows major work is taking place in organizing, cleaning and assembling new displays. The level will be reopened in about a month.


     Let's take a look at the seniors one more time. Here are questions about them.
1. What graduate is planning on majoring in Early Childhood Education?
2. Who wants to be a speech pathologist?
3. Who was all-state in basketball?
4. Who is going to the Air Force Academy?
5. Who are the other three enlisting in the military?
6. Name the students who have Chilhowee addresses.
7. Who is interested in criminal justice?
8. Who got the Billie Baker Scholarship?
9. Name the students going into Construction Technology.
10. Who is on the way to School of the Ozarks?
11. What student has a Clinton address?
12. Who spent part of her years attending the Calhoun School?
13. Name the two students planning to study Automotive Service Technology?
14. Who is majoring in health occupations?
15. Who lives in the Twin Village?
16. Whose name looks like it is missing a letter (since I have had people point to it and say I goofed)?
17. Who has the same last name of the Coach that was in charge of the basketball teams in the 1960's?
18. Whose street address is a girl's name?

Closing for Summer

     To celebrate Tennie's birthday Cowboy Bart and Red Man will be performing at the Lounge May 28. Patrons are encouraged to come by and wish him a “Happy Birthday.” The Lounge will be closing for the summer after Memorial Weekend and reopening Labor Day weekend.

Graduates from College Friday then High School Saturday

     Local graduate Samantha Ellis has been selected for the Air Force Academy. This follows her graduation from State Fair Community College on Friday afternoon having earned 62 dual hours in high school. She received an Associate degree in science. She then graduated from high school on Saturday.

     She was selected as the Outstanding graduate earning the A.S. degree at State Fair. She is the first high school student to be selected for this honor.

     Other honors included being named American Legion Outstanding Scholar and she finished her high school career with better than a 3.75 GPA.

Check Add Further Down

     The former Leeton Elevator has new owners and the name change reflects the changes that have been made. The business is open Monday thru Friday 8 am to 5 pm and Saturday until noon. Check their full ad to see what they have available.

Need a Couple Thousand More

     The wrought iron fence fund for the cemetery has reached $3400 with an anticipated cost exceeding $5000. The plan is to replace the current front fence with decorative wrought iron.

     The Leeton Lounge started the drive to raise funds with its Poker Run and BBQ a couple of weeks ago. Owner Tennie Seward reported he was a bit disappointed in the response, but recognized that the bad weather had a direct influence on the numbers.

     Twenty three bikers participated in the Poker Run. There were 120 that purchased the BBQ meal. All funds have gone toward the fence fund.

     Greg Lanning has challenged Leeton citizens to make a contribution. He is donating $1000 for the fence and hopes others will match his gift.

Do You Know the Seniors?

     Answers are all graduates thisyear. Can you figure them out? Good luck.
1. HUCKABY, Autumn
2. GRAY, Baylea
3. NORUSH, Aaaron
4. ELLIS, Samantha
5. MAYNARD, Paige; JOHNSON, Wezilee; and CARR, Robert.
6. MIDKIFF, Josh and ROSKOP, Seth.
7. THURMAN, Emily
8. KARM, Rachael
9. PARSONS, Hunter and BUNTIN, Colby.
10. SCRIVENER, Maddie
11. STIEB, Dillon
12. SPALDING, Alexandra
13. UNDERWOOD, Drew and CAREY, Dakota
14. FLEMING, Katelyn
15. KHAN, Diane
16. BATTLES, Tod
17. HENSLEY, Curtis
18. WELTY, Alyssa

Twenty Three This Year

     The graduates from Leeton High School this year are an outstanding group. Some interesting facts about them include only two boys and one girl were on the basketball team. Eleven students were in band. Several were in choir. Eight were in Honor Society. Sixteen of 23 graduates received A+ Scholarships. Sixteen are going to college and most have selected their major.

     Robert Carr plans to enter the U.S. Air Force while Wezilee Johnson plans to go in the Marine Corps. Both received A+ Scholarships. On the female side, Paige Maynard is aiming to go into the U.S.Air Force along with Samantha Ellis who has been accepted at the Air Force Academy.

     The students have selected a wide variety of fields to enter such as Nursing, Criminal Justice, Auto Service Technology, Construction Technology, Teaching, Actuarial Science, Speech Pathology and Early Childhood Education. Should be interesting to watch this group develop.

     The students of the Class of 2016 are:
Tod Battles
Colby Buntin
Dakota Carey
Robert Carr
Samantha Ellis
Katelyn Fleming
Baylea Gray
Curtis Hensley
Autumn Huckaby
Wezilee Johnson
Rachael Karm
Diane Khan
Paige Maynard
Josh Midkiff
Aaron Norush
Hunter Parsons
Seth Roskop
Maddie Scrivener
Alexandra Spalding
Dillon Stieb
Emily Thurman
Drew Underwood
Alyssa Welty

"Be as Independent as Health Allows"

420 N. Care Center Drive - Warrensburg

Farm & Home Store - 660-653-4331

8 am to 5 pm Monday thru Friday; 8 am to Noon on Saturday

VETERINARY SUPPLIES: Medications, Vaccines & Other Supplies
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Emery Call

     Emery Call, 88, Lone Jack, Missouri, passed away Friday, May 13, 2016, at Kansas City Hospice House. Services were at 12 p.m. Tuesday, May 17 at Carson Speaks Chapel in Independence. Burial was at 2:30 p.m. at Laurel Oak Cemetery, Windsor, Missouri.

     Mr. Call was born May 21, 1927 in rural Benton County. He graduated with the class of 1945 from Leeton High School. Mr. Call was a veteran who served in the U.S. Army during World War II.

     Emery started his own auto repair business in Independence in the mid 1960s. Later, he formed a partnership with his lifelong friend and after that he went into partnership with his son. In total, he was in business 35 years.

     Emery loved playing his guitar. He was lead guitar player in a band with his friends for many years. He also enjoyed listening to country music and attending bluegrass festivals.

     He was a loving son, husband, father and grandfather. He was a friend to everyone and always willing to help others. He will be greatly missed by everyone who knew him. He was preceded in death by his parents, Robert and Lulu Call, loving wife, Mary Call, and loving son, Robert L. “Larry” Call. He is survived by daughter and son-in-law, Donna and Richard Vincent, grandchildren, cousins, nieces, nephews and friends.

COMMUNITY CALENDAR MAY 23 Lion's Club meeting 24 Pool Tournament at Lounge 25 Senior Citizens meeting 25 Park Board meeting at city hall 26 Pitch Tournament at Lounge 28 Cowboy Bart and Red Man at Leeton Lounge 30 Memorial Day JUNE 6 Board of Aldermen meeting 13 Lion's Club meeting 16 4-H Club meeting

Sept 30, Oct. 1 & 2

     The Leeton Fair Board has announced that it will be joining forces with the Leeton Fall Festival this year. Both events will be held September 30 and October 1 and 2.

     Mark your calendar to participate in the various divisions that will be offered. Volunteers will be needed as well. All help is appreciated.


Here is a recipe for the grandkids to enjoy. Doesn't take much time and they love them. They can even make them on their own.
2 medium bananas, cut into halves
¼ cup crisp rice cereal
1 Tablespoon toasted coconut
1 Tablespoon finely chopped peanuts
¼ teaspoon nutmeg
2 teaspoons maple syrup

     Insert a wooden popsicle stick into the cut end of each banana half. Place on baking sheet. Freeze for one hour or until firm. Combine cereal, coconut, peanuts and nutmeg in shallow dish. Brush frozen bananas with maple syrup; roll in cereal mixture. Freeze, individually wrapped in plastic wrap, for 2 hours or longer. Yield: 4.1 (10  3/4 oz.).

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     "A God Given Vision for Your Life": Ask God to give you a vision or at least an insight as to what you will do and what you will be. Because of the life of Christ living and working inside of you, He wants you to know the kind of life you will have if you follow closely in the footsteps and teachings of Jesus Christ.

     If you have already had that kind of vision, what He has shown you may seem to be extremely slow in coming to pass. That is because He is taking you through a season of training for what He is going to ask you to do in the future.

     As I thought about this I was reminded of many years ago when my husband and I had a Polaroid Camera. With that camera we would take a picture, then we would have to wait patiently for it to develop after removing it from the camera. If we became impatient and tried to help it develop more quickly, we would ruin the picture.

     Life is like thst sometimes. We have a vision of what God wants, but we become impatient and try to do all we can do to make it happen now. In our impatience to wait on His divine direction and leading we can make a real mess out of our life when He wants to work good in all things for us.

     With the Polaroid Camera the correct and best way was to wait patiently, watching it develop from a simple card, very dark and blank looking. Waiting and watching as the picture appeared slowly, we knew that it would soon become a special memory that would be treasured for years to come.

     "Oh, I know I have been rash to talk out plainly this way to God! I will in my thinking stand upon my post of observation, and station myself on the tower or fortress and will watch to see what He will say within me and what answer I will make as His mouthpiece to the perplexities of my complaint against Him. And the Lord answered me, and said, 'Write the vision, and engrave it so plainly upon tablets that every one who passes may be able to read it easily and quickly as he hastens by for the vision is yet for an appointed time, and it hastens to the end fulfillment; it will not deceive or disappoint. Though it tarry, wait earnestly for it; because it will surely come, it will not be behind hand on its appointed day.'" Habakkuk 2:1-3.

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Fourth Wednesday of Month

     The Leeton Senior Citizens enjoyed Gloria Brown and her ukelele last Wednesday as they met for their monthly meeting. Main course for the meal was meat loaf and meatballs. The group continues to bring delicious food as side dishes. Desserts were wonderful. Huge crowd on hand for a wonderful day of fellowship together.

     Next month the Sunflower Bank will be providing fried chicken for everyone. Included on the program will be a guest speaker by the bank who will explain how to prevent identity theft and how to be cautious in investing money. It should be a meaningful presentation for the people in attendance.

Need Restaurant in Town

     The owners of the Leeton Cafe are interested in selling the business to someone to maintain a restaurant in Leeton. The need for a restaurant is obvious. Anyone interested should contact the management for further information.

     The Cafe is remaining open so take some time and stop by for a meal or two this next week.

Food - Drink - Games
Will Close Memorial Day Weekend
Reopen Labor Day Weekend
105 S. Main, Leeton, MO 64735
Tennie Seward, Owner

Call 660-233-2449

     If you need someone to mow your yard or any other kind of yard work call him today! Contact Alex and he will do the job.

June 30 to July 4

     The Moving Wall, a half-size replica of the Vietnam Memorial, is coming to Windsor, Missouri, June 30-July 4.  The American Legion Post #82 would like to issue a statewide invitation to Missourians to come and honor the Vietnam Veterans. Come to give them a proper welcome home and come to remember.

     From 1961 to 1973, the United States military’s finest soldiers slogged through the jungles of Vietnam fighting a war where at least one thousand soldiers went missing in action, 150 thousand were wounded, and 58,220 soldiers died.

     More soldiers died in Vietnam than there are seats in Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City. Those soldier’s names live forever, carved on the Vietnam Memorial Wall in Washington, D.C.

     Sadly, soldiers from our own communities have a place on that wall, and in the hearts of their families, their friends, and the souls of every man and woman who answered the call to serve their nation.

     We grieve for them all, we lift their families up with honor, we recognize their friends who lived through the war and who came home to a different kind of hostile environment.

     You can stand with the families and friends of these soldiers whose names are on that wall, hear their stories, and understand the sacrifice they – and their families – made to this country June 30 thru July 4.

Register Now

     The West Central Christian Service Camp near LaMonte where many youth from Leeton go to camp has released their schedule and costs. Here it is for your convenience.
June 5-10 Sr. High (9-12) $160
June 12-17 Sr. High (9-12) $160
June 19-24 Jr. High (6-8) $160
June 26-July 1 Jr. High(6-8) $160
July 10-15 (Grade 5-6) Junior $160
July 17-20 (Grade 3-4)Middler $90
July 21-22 (Grade 2) $45
July 23 (Grade K-2) $30

     Note: Campers are not to register for any week older than their grade designation. Full payment must be received by May 1 to receive free t-shirts.The address is West Central Christian Service Camp, 24310 Mahin Road, LaMonte, MO 65337; telephone 660-347-5388.



     Pastor Ray Haught preached this past Sunday. Sunday school for adults and children begins at 9:30 each week. Children in Action and Youth Group have started at Harmoney Baptist Church and will be held every Sunday evening. CIA (Grades 1-6), "Learning About Missions", is 5 to 6:30 pm; Youth (Grades 7-12) "I Am" second series meets from 7 to 8:30 pm.


     The congregation meets every Sunday for Sunday school and Church. Plan to join us as we continue to carry on the tradition in the areas oldest continuous congregation.


     Embassy of God House Church meets at the home of Tom & Shirley Buttram from 10am to 2 pm every Sunday, located on 13 highway, one half mile south of 2 highway. Lunch is served. Those present are challenged each Sunday to understand the coming days and Christ's purpose. All are welcome. For more information call 660-238-1078.


     Guest speaker was Ryan Myers who is 18 years of age. Pastor Chris Emerson will be back this coming sunday.

     Sunday School is at 10 am, Worship at 11 am, Youth meets Sunday evening starting at 5 pm for a light meal and then 6 pm to 8 pm for activities and Bible study. Sunday Evening Bible study for adults 6 pm.


     The congregation began by singing “Here I am to Worship” followed by the hymn “For the Beauty of the Earth”. The call to worship used Psalm 8.

     Leading to the sermon the congregation sang “Holy, Holy, Holy.” The sermon used John 3:16 as a text. Brian Steward was the speaker. His message was “God Wants a Relationship.”

     CALENDAR OF EVENTS: June 2 – United Methodist Men at 7pm; June 3-6 Missouri Annual Conference in Springfield; June 9 – Community Outreach Dinner at 6:30 pm; June 14 – Women's Outreach and Bible Study at 6:30 pm.

     Rev. Harvey Beach is on vacation May 16 to 27.


     Dan Lowry presented a lesson on the second chapter of Daniel. Song leader for Sunday School was Alex Glaze. Joe Glaze had the opening prayer.

     Worship service song leader was Courtney Fleming; Nursery worker Donna Bartlett; Scripture and prayer Ronnie McGowen; Communion meditation Terry Scrivener; offering prayer Brandon Myers. Dan's sermon began in Galatians 6 and focused on Matthew 9:35-38 entitled “Jesus—Growing the Family.”

     CALENDAR OF EVENTS: May 22 – Youth group at 6:30 pm; May 28 – Harvester's Food Distribution 11 am; May 29 – Worship team to lead song service for worship; June 5 – Special congregational meeting at 11:30 am.

June 12

     The officers of the Leeton High School Alumni Association met at the home of Dawnja McCormack Monday morning and selected as this year's program theme: “Where Future Leaders Learn”.

     The officers believe that the Leeton R-X School system is one of the best and its graduates support that. The date for the banquet is June 12.

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BACHELOR PREACHER MYSTERY BOOKS are available at the Leeton Museum or by ordering online here www.leetonmuseum.com or by writing Leeton Museum, 400 N. Main, Leeton, Missouri 64761. Make check to Leeton Museum.

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Need Donations

     The Leeton Museum is considering the possibility of building an addition that would be handicap accessible, provide a restroom and increase the storage and display space by 50 percent. Cost from bids is $50,000.

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