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Scholarship to Sullins

     At the recent LHS Cheerleader and American Red Cross sponsored blood drive at the Leeton School twenty five people donated blood which qualified Leeton Cheerleaders to give a scholarship to a senior. Sierra Sullins will be getting a scholarship from the American Red Cross as a bonus for the large number donating blood.


     The World Series between the Kansas City Royals and San Francisco Giants opened in Kaufman Stadium with a few lucky Leeton related individuals present to see the game. Not only was one present to see the game he participated in the opening ceremonies by being one of 120 holding the huge U.S. Flag.

     Kris Lewis, stationed at Whiteman Air Force Base, was one of the military individuals chosen to assist in the unfurling of the flag during the National Anthem. Kris is married to Leeton High School graduate Megan (Tylar) Lewis.


     The annual Leeton Halloween Parade will be held the day before Halloween this year as the school will not be in session on Halloween. The award winning Leeton High School Marching Bulldog Band will be leading the way south on Main Street from the Leeton School to the downtown. All Elementary students will be in costume and marching in groups.

     The usual big crowd is expected to cheer the students from the sides of the streets as the ghosts, goblins, witches and all other characters are portrayed by the students.

     There are several Leeton citizens preparing special treats for the students to enjoy Halloween night including the annual haunted house at Rick Stoneking's. Reports are that he has gone all out to provide a Halloween frightening experience to once again add to the night's fun.

     November 1, the Harmony Baptist Church is having a Hayride and Chili Cook-Off beginning at 5 pm. For more information contact Vickie Chambers.

Senior Citizens Need Help With Best Choice Labels

     The Senior Citizens have collected “Best Choice” labels (the bar code part) to turn into the business for money for several years. Each time they have been able to gather over one thousand labels which provides money for the organization.

     Mary Lou O'Neal reported that the group was only halfway to the goal and desperately needed help in collecting the one thousand needed for turning into the headquarters this year for a cash reward. The deadline is near.

     Clip the bar code off any Best Choice product and turn into Mary Lou O'Neal, Norma Ditty, or any other member of the Senior Citizens.

Sr. Cit. Applaud Them

     The Leeton High School choir traveled to the Senior Citizens meeting at the community building on Wednesday, October 22. The 17 member choir included ten boys and seven girls who produced a pleasant blend of voices in harmony when they sang.

     The group shared “River Song,” “Soldier,” and “Stand By Me” for the appreciative audience who nodded approvingly at the performers.

     Accompanied by a tape without voices and a director (Amy Weldon) that chose to mouth the words rather than add her own voice to the sound demonstrated that this group can develop into an excellent choir. Several especially good voices were noted among the overall fine singers.

     With confidence and a louder volume this group should impress listeners during the winter concert in December.

"Riding Away With Memories"
812 E. Young, Warrensburg, Missouri 64093
John Meyer - 660-422-7177 - Helen Meyer


     The Sunflower Bank of Leeton will be hosting a Veteran's Appreciation Event on Monday, November 10 from 2 to 4 pm at the bank. Refreshments will be served. Everyone is invited to attend and participate in the activities.

     The Leeton High School students will be paying tribute to the Military Veterans of the United States on November 11 with a special assembly. Veterans are invited to attend the event. Special music, presentations and speakers will be a part of the ceremony.

     The Leeton Museum will be open both days with a special military display provided sharing the history of Leeton's soldiers and families. The museum display will be available for viewing November 7-11 from 1 to 4 pm.

     On November 12 it will be boxed and put away until spring. A huge collection of Nativity Scenes will be going on display provided by Carol Beck and others. It will remain on display through Christmas. Admission is $2 for both displays. Members are allowed to tour free.


Oct. 27-29 Jr. High Mid-State Tourney
Oct. 29-Nov. 1 FFA National Convention, Louisville
Oct. 30 – Halloween Parade in Leeton
Nov. 1 – Harmony Church Hayride and Chili Cook-off
Nov. 1 – Women of Faith meet at Christian Church
Nov. 1 – Jr. High District Honor Choir
Nov. 3 – City Council meeting
Nov. 4 – Election Day
Nov. 6 – Methodist Men's meeting 7 pm
Nov. 8 – District Band Auditions
Nov. 10 – Leeton Lion's Club meet
Nov. 11 – Methodist Women's Outreach group meet
Nov. 12 – Mineral Creek 4-H Club meets
Nov. 12 – Fall Sports Banquet at LHS
Nov. 13 – FFA Public Speaking Contest
Nov. 13 – Methodist Women meet
Nov. 14 – Mid-State Conference Music Concert
Nov. 14 – Middle School Fall Dance
Nov. 15 – Methodist's Deer Hunter Meal beginning at 4:30 am
Nov. 15 – Christian Men's Prayer Breakfast
Nov. 17-21 Library Book Fair
Nov. 19 – Senior Citizens meet
Nov. 20 – Board of Education meeting
Nov. 22 – Pre-Basketball Season Scrimmage
Nov. 22 – Mini Cheer Camp
Nov. 24 – Lion's Club meets

"Complete Home Furnishings"
108-110-112 N. Main Street, Windsor, MO 65360
Mark Moser - 660-647-3113

Logo on Yard

     Royal fever hit Leeton as well as Kansas City as many people in Leeton could be seen wearing blue Royals shirts. A Royal's emblem was drawn and painted in the front yard of the Terry Elwell's that got a good deal of attention by those flying overhead.


     The Mid-State Conference should be a bit more exciting this year with some pretty good teams scheduled to compete. The conference teams are Calhoun, Chilhowee, Kansas City Lutheran, Kingsville, Lamonte, Leeton, and Wentworth Military Academy.

     A quick glance down the Leeton schedule shows they are taking on the best you can find in the area with a host of 2A schools. Good luck teams. We will be there to cheer you to victory.
Nov. 22 Pre-Season Scrimmage 1 pm
Nov. 24 Montrose here
Nov. 25 Stover here
Dec. 1 Green Ridge here
Dec. 5 At Sweet Springs
Dec. 8-13 Mid-State Conference Tourney
Dec. 16 At Lamonte
Dec. 18 Wellington here
Jan. 6 At Cass-Midway
Jan. 12-17 Lakeland Tourney
Jan. 20 At Calhoun
Jan. 22 At Otterville
Jan. 23 Bunceton here
Jan. 26-31 Battle of Hardwoods here
Feb. 3 Wentworth here
Feb. 5 Concordia here
Feb. 6 Kingsville here
Feb. 9 Sweet Springs here
Feb. 10 At Chilhowee
Feb. 13 At Appleton City
Feb. 16 Windsor here

Injury Plagued Season

     Participating in the cheerleading squad this year were senior Sierra Sullins, juniors Madeline Scrivener, Rachael Karm and manager Diane Kahn, sophomores Whitney French, Haylie Hilario, Courtney Campbell, Savannah Carey and Jade Schnatz and freshman Abby Wilson, Sara Kahn and Jordan Mudd. The team qualified for state competition but did not place this year. Several injuries hampered their season but coaches Sherry Scrivener and Megan Uptegrove report that the team can be back on top next year with the fact that only one graduates this year. The squad can be expected to be heard at the basketball games throughout the year as they rebuild for a successful competition next year.

Large Number of Entries

     More information on that triple win at Fayette by the LHS Marching Band has come to the Times. In Class 1 Drum Line: Leeton took 1st, North Shelby 2nd, Santa Fe 3rd; Indoor Color Guard: Leeton 1st, North Shelby 2nd and Bunceton 3rd; and Street Marching: Leeton 1st, Glasgow 2nd, Santa Fe 3rd, LaPlata 4th, North Shelby 5th, and St. Elizabeth 6th.

     In Class 2 Street Marching Fayette 1st; Class 3 Eldon, Class 4 Oak Grove and Class 5 Troy-Buchannan.

Presentation at Trails Regional

     Steve Otto will be making a presentation on the events during the winter of 1811-1812 when the New Madrid fault line exploded in what is now Eastern Missouri. There were three great earthquakes exceeding 8 on the Richter scale. Personal accounts and events that took place will be shared by Steve at the Trails Regional Library in Warrensburg Nov. 4 at 2 pm. Free to public.

Wilson Speaks

     The Senior Citizens met Wednesday, Oct. 22, at the Leeton Community Building with Deleta Williams of Warrensburg introducing guest speaker Bill Wilson, candidate for county sheriff. He made a presentation and answered questions from the audience. Leeton School Superintendent Susan Crooks shared with the group about her trip to Trenton “Missouri Day” with the band, color guard and drum line. All three groups were again successful bringing home trophies. Susan reported that the group left at 4 am Saturday morning and arrived home at 3 am.

     “The community should be proud of this year's band and for their success,” commented Susan Crooks.”The three groups also placed first in their division at the recent competition at Fayette.”

     The LHS Choir performed three numbers (see additional article) before Bob Wyatt led “Happy Birthday” for those having birthdays or anniversaries in the month of October. John Beck led the Pledge to the Flag and Carol Beck gave the blessing before the group enjoyed a delicious meal of soup and sandwiches.Kathy Lutjen presided over the business meeting. The secretary's and treasurer's reports revealed there were 37 in attendance and the can offering was $50. Next meeting will be November 19 (one week early to avoid Thanksgiving) with turkey, dressing, and the rest of the holiday traditional meal provided.

     Cards were sent to Bob Reynolds who had surgery at St. Luke's and to the nurse who normally is present to take blood pressures. Following the meeting eight remained to play cards.


Veteran - UCM Alumni

32 Years with Johnson County Sheriff's Department





     SYMPATHY to the family of Betty Simmons who died October 14, 2014. Barbara Stockton of Leeton is a sister.

     CONGRATULATIONS to Dessiray Karms and William Parsons on the birth of their daughter, Jamie Lynn Parsons on October 18. Maternal grandmother is Brenda Wilson of Warrensburg and maternal great grandparents are Mr. & Mrs. Keith Wilson of Leeton.

     HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Neil Blackington on his birthday November 5.

     HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Colten Adams on his birthday November 2.

     HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Alan Eaden who will celebrate November 6.

     HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Nicholas Keller on his birthday November 6.

     HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Sherry Scrivener on her birthday November 3.

     PRAY for those in the hospitals and who are ill.

     HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to Steve and Becky Clear on their 1st anniversary.

Elect Officers

     The Mineral Creek Historical Society met in the Christian Church for their yearly meeting to elect new board members Saturday, October 25, at 2 pm. Eleven were present for the meeting that covered a wide number of issues connected with the museum and the Leeton Times newspaper.

     A financial report was reviewed point by point. A lengthy list of items donated this year was examined along with a list of those who donated time and worked in various capacities for the museum.

     Volunteers completed such tasks as mowing, doing electrical work, demolition of the furnace room and ceiling in the conference room, painting, doing research for upcoming books and displays, and overseeing the tours at the museum throughout the year---all of which saved the society money. The volunteers mowing the yard saved $800 just in that simple area.

     Mary Alice Bond was recognized for her over 160 hours of volunteer work as a hostess to those who came on Sundays to tour the museum.

     A new committee has been approved by the membership. There will be an advisory council that will include individuals who will be contacted for advice in legal matters, insurance, grant applications, building improvements and community involvement. Four were nominated for this council and will be announced at a later date. New members to the board of directors were also elected and will be released next week after they have an opportunity to meet and elect officers.

Do you remember 1984?

     1.What was L. R. Kenney doing at Bagnell Dam in April of 1928?

     2. Who operated the Henrietta Store in 1928?

     3. Who performed “Uncle Josh's Folks” at the Leeton Theatre as a fundraiser?

     4. How many members did the Leeton chapter of the Modern Woodman Association have?

     5. How many Baptist Churches were in attendance at the quarterly Johnson County Baptist Association held at the Leeton church?

     6. The cast of the community Easter Cantata did what after a successful performance in Leeton?

     7. What were Clyde Plunkett, Ralph Mohler and Owen Hall doing for Walter Downing in 1928?

     8. What kind of tractor did Gilbert and Clay Willig purchase in 1928?

     Answers are on another page in this paper.

Festival of Champions

     Success continued for the color guard and drum line at the Festival of Champions in Warrensburg last week. The color guard who had already taken 1st at Fayette and 3rd at Trenton added 2nd place. The drum line took the top prize winning 1st place to go with their 1st place at Fayette and 2nd place at Trenton. The Leeton drum line has a reputation of performing outstanding shows each year and are perennial favorites. Congratulations on an outstanding year.

     The band did not compete at the Festival of Champions but will be leading the Halloween Parade this week in Leeton at 11 am on Oct. 30.

Lose Three Close Ones

     The Chili-Dogs again lost a heart breaker 44-40 to Northwest Hughesville to end their season. Northwest will move on in District play against Southwest Livingston next Friday night.

     The Chilhowee/Leeton team lost the final three games by a total of 8 points. Beginning this streak against Hardin-Central they pushed them into overtime before losing 56-54. Next it was Kansas City East 42-40 and finally Northwest 44-40. That's a lot of points in each game not to turn out to be the winner. It doesn't change anything but they should feel proud of their season improvement.


     The Leeton R-X Jr. High Basketball played in the East Lynne Tournament last week and both the girls and boys teams came home with 1st place. Congratulations to the teams. They will continue to play as they prepare for the Mid-State Conference Tournament to end the season.

117 S. Wasington, Clinton, MO 64735
Shawn McIntyre - 660-885-7088 - Jerry McIntyre


     Alvin Crooks, Leeton, was honored for his 50 years of volunteering as a Henry County 4-H worker. He was recognized for his guidance in emphasizing animal stewardship, proper showmanship and increasing the industry knowledge of those involved in raising and showing animals in the county while serving as leader of the Beef Project.

     Last year he was named to the 4-H Club's Hall of Fame and has consistently produced winning cattle at the State Fair. This year his grandchildren continued the family tradition coming home with top honors at the Henry County Fair and the Missouri State Fair. At FFA and 4-H Auctions the Crooks and Early families consistently receive the highest bids for their cattle.

     Alvin is a 1960 graduate of Leeton High School and he and his wife have been strong supporters of the Shawnee Mound and Leeton School Districts. He served as chairman of the cattle show at the Leeton Fair for a number of years. Our congratulations are extended to he and his family for their dedicated attitude toward the 4-H and the Leeton community.


     12 cornmeal tortillas

     1 medium onion

     2 cans (16 oz.) ranch style beans

     1 can cream of mushroom soup

     1 lb. hamburger, browned and drained

     1 can RoTel tomatoes

     8 oz. cheddar cheese, shredded

     Put a layer of tortillas on bottom of 9 x 13 baking dish. Add beans, hamburger, onions and cheese. Cover with rest of tortillas, spread mushroom soup on top then tomatoes. Bake at 400 degrees for 45 minutes.

"Be as Independent as Health Allows"
400 Care Center Drive, Warrensburg, MO

By Mary Bond

     I'm sitting here watching a storm tonight. The rain is hitting the window and a fabulous light show is taking place in the sky. I'm recalling other storms through the years. I can remember being at Osage Beach and on the ocean front on stormy nights. There is something comforting about being on the waterfront in a cozy shelter on a stormy night.

     The first storm I recall was in 1955 when tornadoes hit Ruskin Heights. My mother was teaching in North Kansas City and was visiting friends that evening. We had dinner as the weather began developing.

     We hurried to our apartment. The rest of the evening was spent following the reports of the tornado paths and destruction. Later as I've grown older, I've known people that were in that storm or more closely involved.

     One friend had a brother several years younger having a birthday party the next day. They wanted to play outdoors. In order to keep them entertained the mother took out David's birthday presents to play with.

     Someone said there were only four letters left on the Ruskin Heights High School sign on the front of the building. It was total ruin everywhere. One reported seeing a car with a new refrigerator sitting through the roof of it.

     A lady was injured and taken to a hospital. She asked her husband to bring her glasses from the dresser. He did. She looked at them and said, “These are not my glasses.”

     Other stories were of homes completely destroyed except for a Bible or picture of Christ.

     I knew people that went through the tornado in Topeka in 1966. People there are still very skittish of storms since that event. I remember spending the evening in the church basement across the street. One lady was grateful she didn't need a license to be married as she lost her husband in the 1966 tornado.

     I remember many a snow storm. One in particular was a few years ago. We got 21 inches in one day. We did not get mail for three days. Traffic came to a standstill. In Sedalia snow was piled in the middle of Ohio Street.

     One year I went back to Topeka on New Year's. We got a yard of snow that night. On Friday we got another foot on top of that. Snow was piled down the middle of busy Topeka Avenue with cutouts for cross streets.

     A friend and I walked to a grocery store two blocks north to a light and one block east. My friend became distressed when she saw a man walking toward us. She somehow got the notion he might attack us.

     She darted across four lanes of traffic and the snow drifts against the lights. I watched the traffic and examined the snow drifts with my gaze and decided the pedestrian didn't look that dangerous. He walked right on by without any trouble.

     Since I'm a lousy driver in snow I had friends planted near work I could spend the night with. If the weather was bad I could ride the bus to work. If I got caught I'd spend the night with friends. I spent many a snowy night with Mildred or Marge.

     I remember when the snow was over the headlights. My friend Bud McKinney came and shoveled the car out.

     My first night with Mildred she brought milk from her restaurant and cheese from Gerard Cheese Factory and we feasted on potato soup.

     Now, I can just stay home when the weather gets bad. On the other hand, livestock still need food and water which gets me outdoors on the farm.

     I remember some wicked ice storms too. One time I was in Topeka and was due some time off for vacation. I decided to take off and entertained guests for supper that evening. It was raining when they left. The next day was a sheet of ice everywhere. I was told I really knew when to take my annual leave.

     Another Sunday I woke up to a rainy but mild morning. I somehow put off leaving for Church. Something just didn't feel right. By noon freezing rain had come. By evening power lines and tree limbs were down. Things had come to a complete shut down.

     Since I've been home there have been several ice storms where traffic has stopped, limbs and power lines have come down. We have been out of electricity for several days at a time. When my electricity is off my water is off too. The pump is electric. Now I try to stock pile extra emergency water and emergency food supplies, a flash light etc. for the days to come.


     1. Rev. Kenney, minister in Leeton, was holding an Easter Revival at Bagnell. No mention of his going fishing or boating while there.

     2. W. S. Dennison was the proprietor at the Henrietta Store in those days.

     3. The Vocational Agriculture Club performed the play that received excellent praise from the ommunity.

     4. There were over one hundred members composed of business and professional men of Leeton and farmers of the surrounding area in the Modern Woodman of America in 1928.

     5. There were twenty Baptist Churches who attended the quarterly meeting in Leeton.

     6. The successful cantata performance was rewarded with a request to have it performed at the Church of the Brethren in Warrensburg which they did.

     7. The three men were drivers for Downing Motor Company making frequent trips to Kansas City to pick up new cars sold by the local car dealership. Downing Motors was one of the most successful dealerships in all West Central Missouri and was located in Leeton.

     8. They purchased a Fordson Tractor.

A Look Forward to Next Year

     In the closing game of the seasons for each sport the local teams honor their graduating seniors. In girls softball Sierra Sullins was recognized as the only graduating senior on the team. Considering the Lady Bulldogs were seeded #1 in the recent District Tournament future success is expected.

     In Football, Dylan Swabby and Wyatt Bell were the two Leeton seniors on the team. Cody Grant and Jordan Lankford were seniors from Chilhowee. Coach Lindquist reports the team is growing in experience and talent. Future years will see continued development as the Chilhowee and Leeton Schools work together to improve the team.



     DINNER AT BUTTRAM'S: The Church in the House meets Sundays in the home of Tom Buttram (formerly Fiorella's west of the curve on highway 13 south of the junction). Services begin at 10 am and last all day including a noon meal. The public is invited.


     The Harmony Baptist Church has a lot of activities taking place each week. The CIA (youth group) has a meal on Sunday nights at 6 pm. Vickie Chambers is the contact person for this group.

     Several came to share in the work on October 25 as the congregation cleaned and repaired the building preparing it for winter. They enjoyed a meal together as part of the day's activities.

     November 1, the congregation will have a Hayride and Chili Cook-Off. Hayride begins at 5 pm. For more information contact Vickie Chambers.

     Services are 9:30 Sunday School and 10:30 Worship every Sunday.


     The Baptist Church continues to gain in enthusiasm as the congregation studies the Word of God together. Chris Emerson, minister, preached during the worship service from Romans 1:33. The message was entitled “The Whole Truth and Nothing But the Truth.”

     The congregation is working to raise money for the Reuben South Mission. A goal of $300 has been set.

     Songs used in the worship service October 26 were “God, Who Stretched the Spangled Heavens,” “My God, How Wonderful You Are,” “In the Garden,” “Telll the Good News,” and “Near to the Heart of God.” Special music was provided during the service.


     Songs sung by the congregation included “O God, Our Help In Ages Past,” “Doxology,” “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot,” and “Here I Am Lord.”

     Rev. Harvey Beach's message was from Joshua 24:1-3, 14-25 and I Thessalonians 2:1-8 and was entitled “Service.”

     The congregation is preparing a Deer Hunter's meal for November 15 beginning at 4:30 am. More information will be provided later.

     CALENDAR OF EVENTS: Nov. 6 – United Methodist Men at 7 pm; Nov. 11 - Women's Outreach Group at 7 pm; Nov. 13 – Community Outreach Meal at 6:30 pm; Nov. 15 – UMM Deer Hunter's Meal at 4:30 pm; Nov. 19 - Methodist Women at 6:30 pm; Nov. 16 - Charge Conference at Windsor Methodist Church at 2 pm


     Last Wednesday night the Christian Church continued the Bible Study after not holding it for a number of years. There were twenty five who met and selected I John to study. The group will meet Wednesday nights at 6:00 pm.

     Dr. Dan Lowry continued the study in the book of II Corinthians for Sunday School.

     For worship: greeter was Janice Hosking; nursery worker was Donna Bartlett; Scripture and prayer by Tim Dorman; communion meditation by Bruce Moore; offering prayer by Brandon Myers; benediction and prayer requests by David Fleming. Special music was provided by Carol Lowry, Diana Fleming and Becky Clear singing “Fill My Cup Lord.”

     Sermon by Dr. Lowry was entitled “Jesus and the Woman at the Well” using John 4:1-15.

     CALENDAR OF EVENTS: Oct. 26 – Youth Group at 6:30 pm; Oct. 29 – Mid-week Bible Study at 6:30 pm; Nov. 1 – Women of Faith at 8:30 am; Nov. 2 – Annual Congregational meeting after services; Nov. 15 – Men's Prayer Breakfast at 7:30 am.


     The High Point Baptist is ministered to by Pastor Cliff Dudley. Services are Sunday school at 9:45 and worship at 10:45 am.

By Bob Wyatt

     Several responded that they appreciated the list of Branson award winners in the newspaper recently. Here are a couple of recommendations of new places to check out when in Branson.

     NEW PLACE TO EAT: The Downtown Diner and Bakery is a good place to stop by for a great meal or bakery snack. They have unique recipes that produce delicious results. Their Hawaiian Pulled Pork Sandwich and Asian Slaw is a favorite. Bumble Bee Soup and Irish Apple Cake with warm Custard Sauce are good enough to make a return trip.

     The restaurant is located at 203 S. Commercial in downtown Branson next to the Owens Theatre. They are closed Sunday and Monday but open early enough for customers to enjoy a baked breakfast sandwich at 7 am other days.

     Check out the bakery goods while there and buy some to enjoy later in the day with coffee or your favorite beverage.

     NEW SHOW TO CHECK OUT: Several new shows have opened the later part of the year. “The Sons of Britches” is one I recommend to those who enjoy good solid playing and singing of country, bluegrass, cajun, zydeco, and old time Rock and Roll songs. The audience is allowed to shout out their favorite and the group amazingly performs in concert ready style.

     They perform at the Little Opry Theatre in the IMAX complex Friday & Saturday at 2 and Sunday & Monday at 8 pm. The smaller theater enables open communication between the audience members and the performers. It is a relaxed wonderful couple of hours of fun at a lower price.

     Performers are Earl Vaughan, John Fullerton and Louis Darby, all award winners brought together just for the fun of entertainment. They dress in bib overalls and classy white dress shirts with bowties. They call it Hillbilly Chic.

     For tickets or more information call 417-335-4832.

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