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Sorry for the Delay

     The Leeton Times will be a few days late this week due to a number of issues. We hope you will be patient and will look forward to reading it when it is released. Thanks. Editor Bob Wyatt.

Election in April

     Filing for mayor was Taylor Elwell who will be unopposed as filing deadline was last week. John Thomas who is running for the West Ward Alderman position ran last year and was defeated but this year is unopposed. Also unopposed for the East Ward position is Al Carton. All three will be new to the board. Al Carton served a brief stint as mayor filling in for Norman Silkwood when Norman moved to Warrensburg. This brings a lot of new blood to the board.

     In the school election both Owen Mudd and Paula Prince filed to seek another term on the school board. John Beck, former member, has filed to run against them.

     The election will be the first Tuesday of April at the Leeton Community Center. Be sure to verify that proper voter cards have been received from the County Clerk and that all information on the cards is up-to-date.

     In other city news, Brian Uptegrove has resigned as city maintenance worker. The Council will be meeting this Monday night to discuss other city business in their regular meeting.

Former Bank of Leeton

     The Leeton School Board voted to sell the Bank of Leeton building, former home of the Bulldog Express Grocery for $20,000. The store has stood empty since the student operated grocery was moved to the campus last year.

     National attention was given to the Leeton School for its unique undertaking of allowing students to operate a business off the campus. The students ordered supplies, advertised and operated every aspect of the business. It was praised as innovative and provided encouragement for additional businesses to be started downtown.

     If Interested in purchasing the building contact school officials.

January 26-31

     The annual Leeton High School sponsored Basketball Tournament is going on this week with Sweet Springs, LaMonte, Crest Ridge, Ballard, Chilhowee and Leeton participating. Plan now to attend. Here is the schedule that lasts all week.
Mon. 5 pm Girls Sweet Springs 66 Chilhowee 11
Mon. 6:30 Boys Chilhowee 76 LaMonte 38
Mon. 8 pm Girls Crest Ridge 53 Ballard 24
Tue. 5 pm Boys Crest Ridge 44 Ballard 37
Tue. 6:30 Girls LaMonte 57 Chilhowee 23
Tue. 8 pm Boys Leeton 61 LaMonte 36
Wed.5 pm Girls Sweet Springs vs. Lamonte
Wed.6:30 Boys Sweet Springs vs. Ballard
Wed. 8 pm Girls Crest Ridge vs. Leeton
Thu. 5 pm Boys Crest Ridge vs. Sweet Springs
Thu. 6:30 Girls Leeton vs. Ballard
Thu. 8 pm Boys Leeton vs. Chilhowee
Fri. 5 pm Girls 5th Place
Fri. 6:30 Boys 5th Place
Fri. 8 pm Girls 3rd Place
Sat. 5 pm Boys 3rd Place
Sat. 6:30 Girls Championship
Sat. 8 pm Boys Championship

Leeton Boys 61 LaMonte 36

     The Leeton Bulldogs started their participation in the Battle of the Hardwoods against the LaMonte Vikings. In the first half Dylan Swabby had opportunities and managed to sink two 3-pointers and added three 2-pointers for 12 points. Aaron Norush kept rebounding and tipping the ball underneath for another 7 points. Wyatt Fleming was hitting the middle again with six points. Darius Cramer hit a 3. Levi Manley, Alex Smith and James Cavender each added two bringing the halftime score to 34 to 17.

     LaMonte was hitting their 3-pointers throughout the game but the continual speed and defensive moves by the Bulldogs kept them from doing much else. In the second half, Dylan Swabby hit another two 3-pointers and two deuces to bring his total for the night to twenty two points. James Cavender got warmed up and hit two 3-pointers to bring his total to eight for the night. Aaron Norush got three more points bringing his total to ten. Levi Manley added another two for four. Darius Cramer hit another two deuces bringing his total to 7. Daniel Haney made two finishing the scoring and a 61 to 36 win over LaMonte. The team plays Chilhowee next on Thursday night at 8 pm.

Wide Variety of Things Offered

     During the tournament the school organizations have taken the opportunity to have a number of fundraising efforts. The freshman are hosting $1 free throw shooting for treats; sophomores bake sale; juniors ice cream; cheerleaders silent auction; DECA nuts from Miller Farms; NY Trip group “Leeton Lanyards”; yearbook staff selling yearbooks; and the School District is holding a huge silent auction to help raise funds for the Binder Family. Food is also available. Thursday DECA is holding a soup and chili supper; Friday the cheerleaders are providing tacos; and Saturday the Physical Education Department is having a pulled pork sandwich sale.

Sponsored by FFA

     Those from Leeton's FFA Chapter attending the Greenhand Motivational Conference held at the University of Central Missouri were Taylor Crooks, Hannah McGeorge, Madison Rehkop, Kennedy Early, Ian Ginther, Jordan Mudd and Breyer Parsons.

Sells Farm and Moving to Florida

     Chuck and Rose Cousins who live south of Leeton just off Highway 2 have sold their place and are moving to Florida. They have been active in the local Christian Church. Chuck was leader and guitar player in the Praise Band that was in charge of the worship service one week a month. Rose sang in the choir. Chuck most recently played “Taps” at the Veteran's Celebration at the University of Central Missouri. He is an excellent trumpet player and singer. Saturday night those in the Praise Band gathered at the church and had a going away party with a delicious meal.

Leeton Boys 87 Bunceton 20

     What do Nick Baker, Dylan Swabby, James Cavender, Wyatt Fleming, Alex Smith, Darius Cramer, and Levi Manley have in common? They all shot 3-pointers in this game. All players made one in this game that sent the score through the roof early. By the end of the first quarter it was 32-2 and at halftime 53-6 and 81-12 at the end of the 3rd quarter. The third team played much of the final half and still the scores kept coming.

     Totals for the night saw Alex Smith with 14 points (one 3-pointer), 7 rebounds, 1 assist and 3 steals; James Cavender 13 points (two 3-pointers), 3 reb, 10 asst, 3 steals; Dylan Swabby 12 points (two 3-pointers and a dunk), 2 reb, 2 asst, 4 steals; Wyatt Fleming 11 pts (one 3-pointer), 7 reb, 1 asst, 2 steals; Darius Cramer 7 pts (one 3-pointer), 1 reb, 2 asst, 1 steal; Trevor Elwell 6 pts, 2 reb, 2 asst, 2 steals; Aaron Norush 6 pts, 4 reb, 3 steals; Levi Manley 5 pts (one 3-pointer), 3 reb, 2 asst, 2 steals; Nick Baker 5 pts (one 3-pointer), 3 reb, 10 asst, 3 steals; Cody Claxton 4 pts, 4 reb, 1 asst, 2 steals; Steven Haney 2 pts, 1 reb; and Ian Ginther 2 pts, 1 reb.

     It was "Swoosh" time with seven players hitting nine 3-pointers. Next game is Tuesday night in the Battle of the Hardwoods against LaMonte at 8 pm.

Leeton Girls 38 Bunceton 22

     The defense of the Lady Bulldogs keeps them in many a game as they work on improving their shooting. Shots are sinking in the basket more often as the scores show. Tonight scoring came from everybody as the shorter Leeton Lady Bulldogs dominated the taller team from Bunceton. As a team the Lady Bulldogs made 15 free throws that helped to lead to another victory.
     Leading the way with underneath shots was Jade Schnatz who scored 15 points for the night including 7 free throws. Tied for second honors were Courtney Campbell (3 free throws) and Stephanie Goodrich with 6 points each. Hannah Harper was right behind with 5 (1 free throw), Rachael Karm 3 (3 free throws), Kennedy Early 2, and Jordan Mudd 1 (1 free throw).

     Leeton led at the end of the first quarter 7-2 and moved to 19-10 at half. In the third quarter they caught fire dominating the game for the early minutes and pushed the score to 31 to 18. In the final quarter the Lady Bulldogs only scored seven points but held the Bunceton team to four taking a good solid win. Next up for the girls is the Battle on the Hardwoods starting Monday night. The girls play their first game on Wednesday against Crest Ridge at 8 pm.


     The Missouri Basketball Coaches Association Basketball Poll Number 5 has been released and Leeton has moved up to 2nd place. Class One rankings are:
1 Meadville (11-1)
2 Leeton (12-1)
3 Hardin Central (12-1)
4 South Iron (11-1)
5 Community (8-2)
6 Novinger (9-2)
7 Stanberry (11-2)
8 Walnut Grove (12-2)
9 Winston (13-2)
10 Glasgow (11-2)

Queen Candidates

     The Lady Bulldogs and Bulldogs will play Kingsville February 6 which will be their homecoming game. Candidates for Princess are freshman Peyton Schmidli, sophomore Whitney French, and junior Bayley Peer. Candidates for Queen are seniors Taylor Prince, Sierra Sullins, and Nikki Berry. The winners will be crowned at the basketball game on February 6.

Tournament March 16-21

     The Lion's Club annual Earl Lowry 5th and 6th Grade Basketball Tournament will be held in the Leeton school gymnasium March 16-21. The fundraiser helps to fund the summer recreation program provided by the Lion's each year. Plan now to attend the always enjoyable games as the areas 5th and 6th graders come together to show tomorrow's stars in action.

Sparks Sets It Up

     Thanks to the work of Dawnja McCormack the Leeton High School Alumni Association now has a page on Facebook. The purpose is to provide updates on the plans for the upcoming dinner and program June 14. Further the page provides a space to let people know news about the families of graduates. Check it out at Leeton High School Alumni Association on Facebook now.

"Complete Home Furnishings"
108-110-112 N. Main Street, Windsor, MO 65360
Mark Moser - 660-647-3113


2 – City Council meeting at 7 pm
2 – LHS Alumni Association Officers meeting 2 pm at Dawnja McCormacks
3 – Wentworth plays here
4 – School New York Trip meeting in Conference Room at 6 pm
5 – Concordia plays here
5 – Methodist Men's meeting 7 pm
6- Homecoming with Kingsville here to play
7 – Women of Faith at Christian Church 8:30 am
9 – Sweet Springs here to play
9 – Lion's Club meeting
10 – Women's Outreach and Bible Study 7 pm
10 – Chilhowee hosts ball teams
11 – Public hearing by city council concerning sewer fees and charges at 6 pm
11 – DECA district competition
11 – 4-H Club meeting
12 – Methodist Community Outreach Meal 6 pm
13 – Elementary Science Fair
16-20 National FFA Week
16 – President's Day (no school)
18 – NJ Honor Society induction
19 – Board of Education meeting
20 – Western Farm Show, FFA
23 – Lion's Club meeting
25 – Senior Citizens meeting

Of Hearing Regarding Sewer Fees and Charges

     Public Notice is hereby given that the Board of Aldermen of the City of Leeton, Missouri, will meet on February 11, 2015, at 6 pm at City Hall, 108 W. Summerfield, Leeton, Missouri, to consider the following matters:

     1.Sewer fees for residential users and commercial users.

     The public hearing will give all interested parties an opportunity to provide input on these matters.

Fundraising Effort for Family

     The students at Leeton R-X have gotten behind the effort to raise funds for the family of the late LeeAnn Binder who lost her battle to recover recently after receiving a lung transplant. Efforts to help the family pay expenses and establish a memorial fund are on going. One effort is the selling of lavender shirts at the tournament this week. Many will be seen wearing them throughout the event. Shirts are $15 each. Support the effort. (Editor's Note: Tuesday night it was a sea of lavendar throughout the gymnasium).

Vern Lloyd Band at 11 am

     The Leeton Senior Citizens are scheduled to meet Wednesday, January 28, for their regular monthly meeting in the Community Building. The organization is providing ham & beans with cornbread as the main meal. Everyone is invited to bring side dishes and desserts to fill out the meal. Performing for the event will be the Vern Lloyd Band from Windsor. The nurse will be present to take blood pressures and test sugar levels. Entertainment begins at 11 am. Pitch will be played following the clean up of the kitchen. All Senior Citizens are invited to participate.

Food - Drink - Games
103 S. Main, Leeton, MO 64735
Tennie Seward, Owner


     Stacey A. Langley of Leeton and Mataya Lowry made the State Fair Community College President's List for the fall semester. Further congratulations to Dean's List members from Leeton Lela S. Adams, Amy N. Underwood, and Curtis L. Wehr.

How Much Do You Know About Leeton R-X?

     Taking a look back to 1935, eighty years ago, I'm confident that not many of you would have been witnesses to the activities taking place then. Never the less, let's take a look at these questions using material from the Leeton Times of that year.
1.The Amoma classs was active in what Leeton Church?
2.What did the E.O.K. Club do?
3.The LHS Pep Club chose what colors and materials to make their uniforms?
4.A crowd assembled at Mr. Odom's in September to see what kind of vehicle?
5.What happened to the two top calves at the Leeton Fall Festival's Calf Show after they were selected?
6.The Climbers Class was active in what Leeton Church?
7.What Leeton organization sponsored the Father and Son Banquet each year?
8.What was the name of the basketball players at Leeton High School instead of the Bulldog mascot we have now?
9.What college was closely associated with the local Church of the Brethren?
10.The Triple C Class was active in what Leeton Church?

Preacher's Son in Leeton

     Keith Lentz whose grandfather lived at 404 N. Main for a number of years and operated a leather shop downtown Leeton in the early part of the last century has sent a journal that he obtained from Merle Rummel. Merle lives in Richmond, Indiana, and is currently 80 years of age. The importance of this journal is that he writes about Leeton. He lived here when he was 6 to 10 years of age. That would be in the early 1940's. His father was minister of the Mineral Creek Church of the Brethren which held services in the building that houses the Leeton Museum now.

     Merle includes some wonderful pictures of Leeton in that time period. We hope to share some of the stories and pictures over the next few weeks. Here is the first article.

     PART 2--ACTIVITIES IN LEETON: The doctor's office was just a small clinic. It looked like it used to be a filling station and was made of brick (editor's note: formerly the Creamy Cone). The old doctor had died (Dr. Pare was the doctor and his scalpel, some prescription bottles and his old trunk are on display in the Leeton Museum). Dad bought the doctor's roll top desk which I still have. Then new doctors came---there were two, a husband and wife.

     There was a post office near the middle of town before you get to the tracks (the brick building where the Cold Springs Lodge met until selling it to the Lion's Club). Beside it was an empty lot, where in the summer time, they ran movies (original projectors displayed in the Leeton Museum) on Saturday night. We didn't go, but I remember one time being in town when it was time for the movie to start. They had to wait for dark before they could start.

     As entertainment before the movie, the high school band played and the majorettes danced around in their short dresses. A lot of people gathered in the folding chairs that they had set in the empty lot, but we left.

     Daddy's Church was near the north end of town, but not as far out as the school. The old church had been next to the cemetery about ½ mile west at Mineral Creek. That is where it got its name, Mineral Creek Church of the Brethren.

     The church had a basement. Our Sunday school classroom met in one room in the basement. We had a box with sand (displayed in the Leeton Museum) which we played in lots of times. Maybe that is why it was in the basement. It was also the Ladies Aid room where they knotted and stitched comforts.

     There were stairs from the outdoor entrance up to the sanctuary. The entrance was in a corner of the building and went into a corner at the back of the sanctuary. As I remember, the entrance would have been in the southeast, and there were double doors down at ground level and double swinging doors at the top of the stairs as an entrance to the sanctuary.

     On the left side of the sanctuary was a raise-able wood partition, which opened one classroom as a balcony (a little higher than the sanctuary floor, and it had a sloped floor, so the back benches were higher and looked down over the bannister to the pulpit.

     At the back of the property was a pipe fence. Well, really it was a horse hitching rack, from the days before cars.

     Our church was one of the oldest Churches of the Brethren in Missouri. The Mohler brothers had moved from Ohio after the Civil War. At each end of the hitching rack were the men's and women's outdoor toilets. The church had electric lights and running water in the kitchen.


The Season Continues

     Here is the current schedule and scores: JANUARY
20 – Leeton girls 48 Calhoun 15
20 - Leeton boys 76 Calhoun 24
20 – KC Lutheran girls 64 Lone Jack 54
20 - Lone Jack boys 70 KC Lutheran 47
20 – Ozanam boys 36 Wentworth 27
22 – Otterville girls 34 Leeton 22
22 – Leeton boys 63 Otterville 34
23 – KC Lutheran girls 56 Sherwood 35
23 – NE Vernon County girls 44 Calhoun 37
23 – NE Vernon County boys 44 Calhoun 38
23 – LaMonte girls 63 Chilhowee 23
23 – Chilhowee boys 78 LaMonte 57
23 – Wentworth at Norborne
23 – Leeton girls 38 Bunceton 22
23 – Leeton boys 87 Bunceton 18
24 – Heartland girls 46 Calhoun 34
24 – Heartland boys 65 Calhoun 26
26-31 Battle of Hardwoods in Leeton g & b
27 – Wellington at KC Lutheran g & b
27 – Kingsville at Calhoun g & b
29 – KC Lutheran at Ozanam g & b
30 – KC Lutheran at Heritage Christian g & b
30 – Calhoun at Malta Bend g & b
30 – Wentworth at Kingsville g & b
2 – Green Ridge at LaMonte g & b
2 – KC Lutheran at Plattsburg g & b
2 – Sweet Springs at Kingsville g & b
3 – Kingsville at Lakeland g & b
3 – Ballard at Calhoun g & b
3 – Wentworth at Leeton g & b
3 – LaMonte at Windsor g & b
4 – DeKalb at KC Lutheran g & b
5 – LaMonte at Stover g & b
5 – Green Ridge at Chilhowee g & b
6 – Maranatha at KC Lutheran g & b
6 – Kingsville at Leeton g & b
6-13 Kaysinger Basketball Tournament g & b
7 – Wentworth at Ozanam g & b
10 – Calhoun at Kingsville g & b
10 – Leeton at Chilhowee g & b
12 – Kingsville at Appleton City g & b
12 - Wentworth at Calhoun g & b
13 – Wentworth at Chilhowee g & b
13 – Calhoun at Hume g & b
16 – Northwest at Chilhowee g & b
16 – KC Lutheran at Drexel g & b
17 – Wentworth at Hardin-Central g & b
17 – LaMonte at Prairie Home g & b
17 – Calhoun at Ballard g & b
17 – Kingsville at KC Lutheran g & b
18 – Kingsville at Lone Jack g & b
19 – Chilhowee at Kingsville g & b
19 – Wentworth at Malta Bend g & b

"Riding Away With Memories"
812 E. Young, Warrensburg, MO 64093
John Meyer 660-422-7177 Helen Meyer

Vigorous Agenda

     The Leeton Museum Board of Directors met at the Baptist Church January 10 with Chris Emerson, President; Christine Hughes, Vice-President; Mike Myers, Secretary/ Treasurer; and Carol Mills present. Board Member Matt Tyler and Curator Bob Wyatt were not present.

     After minutes of the November meeting were approved, Mike Myers presented a nine-page 2014 financial report as posted on the Leeton Museum website. The Board made plans to set up a budget for this year and a projected budget for the following year. They also expressed a need to verify the 501(c)(3) status and IRS filings. Bob Wyatt later reported they had been completed as required by law.

     Myers reported he had talked to the Sunflower Bank about getting signatory cards for Chris Emerson and Mike Myers to be added as signatories for all Mineral Creek Historical Society of Leeton and Leeton Museum accounts. He said that he and Chris had signed the cards. Bob Wyatt later reported that he had already signed cards at the bank and answered the required questions.

     After a discussion regarding the Bank's requirement that there be two accounts---one for Leeton Museum and one for Mineral Creek Historical Society---Christine Hughes said she would do research into why they need two accounts and report back to the Board.

     The Board voted that Mike Myers should obtain copies of all bank statements for all accounts, including any Certificates of Deposit, for the past twelve months to assist in preparing a projected budget for the coming year.

     Bob Wyatt was not present to give a Curator's Report. He reported that he had given Matt Tyler, board member, the curator's report and a detailed financial statement. He was not informed that Matt would not be in attendance at the meeting. Bob regretted that the board did not have that information available at their meeting as it would have provided useful information.

     Christine Hughes gave a report regarding textiles that had been inventoried at the Leeton Museum. She reported that 31 quilts had been photographed, inventoried, cleaned as recommended by the National Quilt Museum, and placed in museum quality acid-free boxes with acid-free paper. In addition, six articles of clothing had also been placed in museum quality acid-free boxes with acid-free paper.

     She requested that the Board approve the removal of said textiles from the Leeton Museum and relocation to the home of Judy Shumate in Warrensburg, Missouri for safe keeping through the winter with the understanding that they will be returned to the Leeton Museum as soon as possible.

     Myers gave a report on the status of bids for liability insurance. He stated that he had one bid and was waiting on a second.

     Carol Mills noted the Leeton Times had reported there was still a water leak at the Leeton Museum. The board voted to allow Bob Wyatt to contract for the needed repair with a limit on the amount to spend.

     It was noted that after the leak in the roof was repaired and Mike Myers had repaired or replaced the wiring in the ceiling, a work day be scheduled to rebuild the room and provide shelving for storage of the inventoried textiles.

     In other business, discussion dealt with the need to paint the outside of the building again. Christine Hughes made the motion that duplicate keys to the Leeton Museum be made for Chris Emerson, President, and Mike Myers, Secretary/Treasurer. Bob Wyatt later reported that extra keys had been made and had been available for three months.

     President Chris Emerson set the next meeting February 21, 2015 at 2:00 pm at the Baptist Church Office.

"Be as Independent as Health Allows"
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Tournament Here Saturday

     The Leeton Middle School Scholar Bowl team members are Eighth Graders Elle Wilson, Dale Mills, Jaclyn Mills, Jennifer Schnatz, Raegan Scrivener and Seventh Grader Maddie Sullins.

     “The team practices twice a week,” reported Suzi Collins, team sponsor, “and a match usually lasts 45 minutes to an hour. They compete with several schools at once. On Thursday last week the team traveled to Chilhowee. In that competition Leeton defeated Chilhowee but lost to Heartland, the other team in the event.”

     At the Leeton hosted Conference Quiz Bowl Tournament first was won by Kingsville who completed the competitions without a loss. Second place was East Lynne, third place went to Chilhowee and Leeton took fourth. Calhoun and Strasburg did not place.

117 S. Wasington, Clinton, MO 64735
Shawn McIntyre - 660-885-7088 - Jerry McIntyre


1/2 cup butter, melted
1/2 cup fine dry bread crumbs
1/2 cup grated Parmesan cheese
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/8 teaspoon garlic powder
1/8 teaspoon pepper

     Peel potatoes, cut into quarters. Mix bread crumbs, cheese, salt, garlic powder and pepper. Roll potatoes in melted butter. Place in shallow baking dish in a single layer. Pour any remaining butter over potatoes. Bake at 400 degrees for 30 to 35 minutes.

Several These Past Two Weeks

     MARY VIRGINIA (JAMES) YODER, 90, Marshall, Missouri, formerly of Chilhowee, went to her heavenly home on January 19, 2015. Mary was born in Leeton, Missouri, July 22, 1924, to Lee W. and Mattie (Lamar) James. She married Donald F. Yoder on June 4, 1950, in Warrensburg.

     Mary is a graduate of Leeton High School and she received a master's in elementary education from Central Missouri State College. She taught in elementary schools in Johnson County at Flordonia, Magnolia, Farmer's, Holden and Lee's Summit over a period of 39 years. She received a number of awards and honors during her many years of teaching.

     Mary Virginia and her husband, Donald, lived and operated a cow-calf farm, which included land that had been in the family since 1889. The farm was awarded membership in the Missouri Century Farm Club. She was a member of Order of Eastern Star and several education organizations. Mary was also a member of First United Methodist Church in Warrensburg. For the past five and a half years, she had been a resident of the Living Center in Marshall.

     She is survived by her her brother, Kenneth James of Normal, Illinois; brother in law and wife, John and Frances Yoder of Holden; sisters in law, Ruth Courtney of Holden and Lois Boyd and husband, John of Marshall; and several nieces and nephews. Her husband preceded her August 7, 1998.

     Funeral services were 2 pm Saturday, January 24 at William Funeral Chapel in Warrensburg with Pastor Louie Lowe of First United Methodist Church officiating. Interment was in Pisgah Cemetery north of Chilhowee.

     RUBY ADELINE HELPHREY, 100, of Warrensburg, passed away Sunday, January 18, 2015, at the Country Club Care Center. Ruby was born July 4, 1914 in Chilhowee, the daughter of Thomas Spencer and Lucinda Irene (Wasson) Best. She was united in marriage to Raymond Vincent Helphrey on August 26, 1933, in Sedalia. He preceded her in death on April 2, 1988.

     Ruby and her husband were farmers near Chilhowee, lived in Leeton briefly, and moved to Warrensburg when they retired in 1979. Ruby was a member of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church of Warrensburg.

     Survivors include her two daughters, Carolyn Smith of Warrensburg and Beverly Graham of Goodyear, Arizona; eight grandchildren; 11 great grandchildren and 18 great great grandchildren.

     Ruby was preceded in death by both parents; two sons in law, John Graham and Robert Smith; five sisters Bernice Blanchard, Juanita Hutchens, Gertrude Noland, Bessie Woody and Dixie Crump; one brother, Gilbert Best; and one great grandson, Scott Smith.

     Funeral services were Friday, January 23, at Williams Funeral Chapel in Warrensburg with the Rev. Randy Crawshaw officiating. Interment was in Sunset Hills Cemetery, Warrensburg.

     HUGH DALLAS MORRIS, 95, of Leeton, passed away Sunday, January 18, 2015, at the Golden Living Center—Westwood, Clinton, MO. He was born May 11, 1919, in Basher, the son of John and Lizzie (Pierce) Morris.

     On July 29, 1939, he was united in marriage to Violet Florence Miller in Ava. She survives. Hugh grew up in Ava and later moved to the Leeton and Windsor areas. He served in the U. S. Army during World War II, guarding German prisoners of war at Camp Howze, Texas. After his military career, Hugh and his wife owned and operated Morris Auto Sales, Service and Cafe in Leeton in the 1950's. He farmed and worked in hardware stores during the 1960's and later worked 20 years on road construction in Iowa until he retiring in 1982. He returned to Leeton then and enjoyed having yard sales with his wife. He visited enjoyed visiting with family and friends. He will be missed by all.

     Hugh is survived by his wife, Violet; two sons, Howard Morris and wife Donna of Leeton, and Herbert Morris of Clinton; three grandchildren and two great grandchildren.

     He was preceded in death by his parents and one infant son, Harold Morris; three infant sisters; one brother, Eldon Morris; and one sister Inez Detherage.

     Cremation graveside services were held January 23 at Laurel Oak Cemetery in Windsor with Pastor Leroy Goodwin officiating.

By Joyce Riley




     Services are being held every Sunday at the Harmony Church. Make plans now to participate in the services this Sunday.


     CALENDAR OF EVENTS: January 18 – Regular worship service and Sunday school will meet.


     The Church in the House met Sunday in the home of Tom Buttram (formerly Fiorella's west of the curve on highway 13 south of the junction). Services regularly begin at 10 am and last all day including a noon meal. The public is invited.


     Donnie Brant was speaker at the Baptist Church Sunday while Pastor Chris Emerson was in Iowa visiting his sick mother. She is reportedly improving. Last Sunday songs used in the service included "Majesty", "Because He Lives", and "The Savior is Waiting".

     The sermon title was "It's a Wonderful Life" using Genesis 9:1-7. The congregation hopes to start Sunday night services February 8.


     The services began with the singing of “Rock of Ages” followed by the Call to Worship using the Scripture Psalm 62:5-12. After the reciting of the Apostles' Creed the congregation sang “It's Me, It's Me O Lord.”

     Rev. Harvey Beach presented a message entitled “God's Plans” using the Scripture Jonah 3:1-5, 10. The closing song was “Trust and Obey.”

     CALENDAR OF EVENTS: Feb. 5 – Methodist Men meet at 7 pm; Feb. 10 – Women's Outreach and Bible Study at 7 pm; Feb. 12 – Community Outreach Meal at 6 pm; Feb. 18 – Methodist Women meet at 1:30 pm.


     Attendance was 109 for Sunday School and 121 for worship. Dr. Dan Lowry presided over the Sunday school lesson using the 2nd chapter of James. Mataya Lowry and Jordan Page lead songs with Melinda Fitzgerel at the piano.

     Greeters were Stuart and Karen Rohr; Nursery worker was Donna Bartlett; Scripture and prayer by Leon Moore; communion meditation Greg Welty; offering prayer Randy Page; final prayer Charlie Fitzgerel. Special music was presented by the Praise Band during the offering. They sang “O God, You Are My God.”

     Sermon presented by Dan Lowry was an emotional sharing of a letter from one who had attended services. The message dealt with “four ways of moving past your past.” Text was Philippians 3:13-14.

     CALENDAR OF EVENTS: Jan. 25 – Praise Band in charge of worship, Youth Group to Winter Jam after services; Jan. 28 – Bible Study at 6:30 pm; Feb. 7 – Women of Faith at 8:30 am; Feb. 8 – Nick Riley to present Christian work in Mexico during Sunday School.

Group Report Great Trip

     Becky Clear, youth sponsor at the Christian Church reported that over 20 teenagers and additional chaperons made the trip to the Sprint Center in Kansas City Sunday afternoon to hear the Winter Jam. Featured performers included Jeremy Camp, For King and Country, Francesca Battistelli and Building 429.

     The youth stopped on the way and enjoyed a meal together before arriving at the Sprint Center. Those going report having a great time.

How did you do?

     1. The Amoma Class was a part of the Baptist Sunday school classes.
2. The E. O. K. Club played bridge
3. The Pep Club chose orange corduroy blouses, black skirts and black tams for their outfits for the basketball season. To pay for them they had a bake sale at the Leeton Cafe. The first two games of the season were Knob Noster and Latour.
4. An airplane landed at Mr. Odom's farm and the people flocked to get a look at it. Many were able to take a flight in it before it left.
5. The winning calves were “Amos” shown by Edward Lowry and “Chubby” owned by Gilbert Lowry. The two winning calves were taken to St. Louis and were placed on a special float in the Great American Legion Parade. After the parade they were sold.
6. The Climbers Class of the Methodist Church had a March Wind Party at the home of Miss Irene Chism. The living room and dining room were decorated beautifully with pink and white crepe paper, paper drapes, and pink and white lights in the living room. An attractive wind effect was gained by blowing the streamers with an electric fan. A dutch windmill was used as a centerpiece for the dining room and small windmills were used as place cards. Ice cream and angel food cake were served.
7. The Future Farmers of America organization sponsored the Father and Son banquet each year with major speakers and great food. Always a special event in Leeeton. Speakers included Mr. Fewel, World War I hero; Dr. Dickinson; and Senator Russell in 1935.
8. The basketball team was called the Farmer's Quintet and they were cheered by the pep squad which was known as the Farmer's Girls. Grace Oram was the leader. After a game the girls would entertain the boys with popped corn and candy made in the kitchen of the school.
9. McPherson College of McPherson, Kansas, was frequently involved with the local congregation of the Church of the Brethern. Many attended that school from Leeton. In 1935 Dean of Admissions Prof. R. E. Mohler came and shared in the services of the local church.
10. The Triple C Class was from the Christian Church.

Chuck and Rose Cousins

     Due to the fact that Chuck and Rose Cousins have sold their house and are moving to Florida to be closer to Chuck's parents, they will be having an auction at their home located south of Leeton just off Highway 2. The auction is being handled by Davis-Bell at 10 am on February 7. There will be many nice things available for bid. Sale bills are posted around town. Check the list and make plans to be there.

March 16-21

     The Leeeton Lion's Club meets twice a month and are active in preparing fundraisers to assist in the recreation program for Leeton's youth. They currently are beginning preparation for their annual Earl Lowry Memorial 5th & 6th Grade Basketball Tournament scheduled for March 16-21.

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